Rethink The Way You Impact Lives

We assess your business just like you assess your patients.

When it comes to Private Practices, your patients are at the heart of everything that matters.

Many clinic owners we’ve worked with have big ambitious goals, but no idea where to start. After 100k+ in student debt, and over 10 years spent continuously learning and practicing, you deserve to be rewarded and you owe it to yourself to grow. If I had an injury, I’d consult a healthcare professional, not Google or WebMD. Why prolong the pain?

Here’s what happens: you spend so much of your time helping people, that you de-prioritize your business. Without realizing it, you’re self-imposing a success barrier, a mental block preventing you from growth.

You need to rethink the way you impact lives. It may seem counterintuitive, but in order to maximize your impact and help as many patients as possible, you must prioritize growth.

Patient Lead Generation

60 Days. Treat More Patients. Grow Your Practice.

Our Turnkey Digital Marketing Solution is customized to drive Qualified Patient Leads and bookings to your private practice so you can focus on what you do best: help more people get better. 

With our Patient-Lead Generation Digital Marketing program, you can get highly qualified leads for your practice in just 60 days.

You can’t delegate what you don’t know. We understand the patient experience having been patients and consultants for private practices; we understand your business end-to-end. You could definitely learn all this stuff through trial and error or take a risk on ACME Digital Marketing or a freelancer who may or may not understand your practice and your patients.

Unlike many digital marketing gurus that squander ad spend on blind testing, we don’t use your ad money to ‘test things and see what sticks’. We have a highly strategic process because we’re experts in demand-generation, where we deep-dive into your patient-base to determine what motivated their decision to choose your practice, so you get the most out of your Marketing Dollars.

Did You Know that on Average Online Search Makes up 20-25% of Private Practice Patient Acquisition?

A website without traffic is like an empty clinic. Our focus is to drive qualified patient leads to book with you or your clinicians. While social media is a great branding tool, and we can give you advice for social media, it won’t get you results and bookings like our Turn-Key Patient Lead Generation Digital Marketing managed by our expert team will.  

Your Marketing Dollars Go Further by Reaching the RIGHT Patients for Your Clinic.

Here is What You Get



Three 1-Hour Consulting Calls with Experts + Social Media & Clinic Brand Roadmap
  • Custom Patient Research & Insights Report
  • 3 Landing Pages with Online Booking Set Up
  • Google Ads (formerly AdWords)
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • On-Page SEO for Your Website
  • Local Business Listing Optimization (Google Business Page, Yelp, Yellow Pages Online, etc.)
  • Email Marketing Referral Program including List Building, List Consolidation and Subject Line & Content A/B Testing
  • Live Campaign Dashboard For You to Keep a Pulse on the Campaign
  • Monthly Reports with Results, Optimization and Recommendations
  • 48H Query Response
Best Value


Focus on things that matter.

Most successful clinic owners are already taking action. So if you’ve already built a brand and reputation by consistently delivering on your promise to your patients, then don’t risk damaging your brand with trial and error.

We know from the 80/20 Rule that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In sports and rehab, roughly 20% of the exercises and habits have 80% of the impact on the trainee. When it comes to your business, we want to make sure that you’re not majoring in minor things.  

How different would your life be if you had a team of experts who brought the success of corporate level strategy to your private practice?

There’s a reason Starbucks is Starbucks and Bob’s Cafe is Bob’s Cafe.

Here’s what you get:

Business Strategy

A roadmap aligned with your goals and needs, specifically designed to set realistic, measurable, and insight-driven objectives by identifying factors necessary for your success. You’ll get simple actionable steps to achieve your goals. Save your time and money by focusing your business activities to achieve your vision.

Brand Strategy

First you get Brand Diagnostics of your brand to ensure that you are speaking to the right audience in the right way. Then you get a Brand Strategy where we show you how to make changes to your brand to maximize patient engagement and bookings so your business grows. People buy brands not products/services. In a hyper-competitive healthcare market, branding is the #1 way to stand-out.

Marketing Strategy

An insight-driven plan, giving you the best way to target your ideal patients, when and where to reach them, how they buy, and what the best services are to bring them.

Operational Efficiency & Patient Experience

Improve the Efficiency of Your Clinic.

Your patients are at the heart of your clinic’s operations, but many clinics operate on legacy systems and do things ‘how they’ve always been done’. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental to the patient’s experience and your resources.

Here’s what happens: The phone is ringing, patients are coming and going, your front desk struggles to keep up and becomes stressed leading to poor interactions and long wait times that negatively affect patient experience.

There’s a reason most clinics struggle to scale and grow: their systems are broken, or worse, non-existent. Because of this, many clinics try to grow but fail, or they grow in the wrong way, often compromising their patient experience.

When we optimize your operational efficiency, we keep your patients at the heart of our efforts. Not only will your clinic be set up for growth and run more smoothly, but your patient experience will improve too.

Here’s what you get:

Standard Operating Procedures Manual

We audit every single process in your business to reduce and eliminate redundancy and errors, maximizing the capacity of the clinic. You get an Standard Operating Procedures Manual with Flow Charts so employees have step-by-step details to execute and complete business operations efficiently and with consistent quality.

Organizational Chart

To ensure that the Clinic Owner has free time to work on the business and grow, we outline the accountabilities of everyone in the clinic. We make changes to organizational structure by creating flow charts which clearly outline who is responsible for what and put in place ‘checks & balances’ necessary to maximize productivity.

Communication and Productivity Training

We come into your clinic and train your team on the Fundamentals of Communication and Productivity. This include 2 training sessions based on proven methods used by Fortune 500 Companies. You must invest in your team if you expect them to improve.

Financial Health

Save money. Plan for growth.

We all have book-keepers and accountants for our taxes, but do you have a someone doing financial analysis for your clinic?

Clinic Owners are consistently shocked when we show them how they’re losing thousands of dollars every month, yet this drain on your finances was never caught by anyone, and never addressed.

Many clinic owners mistakenly think that their financial troubles are caused by a lack of patients, but often times you do have enough patients. Where the problem lies is that nobody is showing you where cashflow problems are arising.

Nobody is doing consistent business planning, budgeting, forecasting and measuring of KPIs, so inevitably things fall through the cracks, and you lose money.

Here’s what you get:

Budgeting and Business Planning

We start by reviewing your current performance, to analyze success and failures. Then we identify KPIs and objectives to hit growth targets in your P&L and Balance Sheet to conclude a one-year plan. Finally, we review our final plan regularly, every month, to keep you on a steady path of growth. Remember, what gets measured, gets accomplished.


Compliment budgeting by forecasting short and long-term actuals to determine whether your business is headed in the right direction. Forecasting takes into account operational changes, such as a clinic expansion or the hiring/firing of an employee or contractor.

Key Performance Indicators

We help you set and determine important Key Performance Indicators so that growth can be properly measured. KPIs include Patient Lifetime Value, Revenue Per Square Foot, Revenue Per Practitioner and more.